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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

KOLKATA, You sexyyyy!

OKAY! Let's blast Calcutta!
The only place in the entire god made planet, where i would walk without a sweat of tire!

The only place where there was a series of  Revolutions to bring Evolution! Poet? No, not at all!!
The only place where you can Tram travel in the entire Incredible India!
The only place, where instead of violent revolutions in the era of Rocks, 70's couldn't stop the Radicalism of Music and love towards the nation! The entire city blooms with calcutta-ciously beautiful aroma. Ummm, kano ato gun gaan gai chi kolkata'r bepare? kolkata te boro hoyechi? NO, maane Na motei naa, jonmechi onno kothai kolkata theke onek dur kothao. Kolkata te first aashi jokhon just 4 year old! *sorry, bangla oto ta shokkto naa*!! Kintu kolkata k bhalo bese feli shei chotto boyesh thekei!! Well, to all my Englishmen, who ever wondered what to do in a hot and a humid slum? Well let me splash cool menthol on your thought!! Here is a list of things you should do before you come to Calcutta or Kolkata:
1.) Bring mosquito repellants.
2.) A factory of Handkerchief
3.) Loose fitting clothes, *sire, if you be here in a trench coat, even Archangels won't be able to save you.*
4.) Your favorite talcum powder, water, ummmm, an umbrella!
5.) Well, don't forget your Ray-Bans! *It's actually gonna be great if you wear a tee which says "Keep Calm and Wear Aviators"!!
Hey, these were just to save you!! With a complete Indian Accent "Take it and go"!!
To reach heaven you have to ease Hell sometimes, now am gonna say you stuffs to BE DONE in Calcutta:
Hit Tantra and Roxy! You will be the man on the silver avenue, trust me pal! :) Well are you a Indian Cultural freak? Well, do i needa say anything? Walk out of the Motel, you son of a gun, and breathe in the Air! Then do, Indian Coffee House, Peter Cat and Nizam! :) (: Supernatural Freak? Looking for one of the spookiest things to do in Kolkata? Head on over to the South Park Street Cemetery. Right off the busy (and loud) Park street, I was surprised how quiet and peaceful it was within this decaying ancient cemetery. The cemetery was set up in 1767 and includes around 1,600 tombs.
If the weeping trees and the moss covered tombs aren’t already scary enough, the occasional squawk of a crow will make things a little freakier! Okay India is for Archeologists are you one? Kolkata’s Indian Museum is one of the most significant, and the first museum to be founded in India. The huge museum has collections and galleries spanning many different subjects; Archeology, art, geology, and even an exhibition on Egypt (and a mummy) can be found in the museum.
Especially on the weekends, the Indian Museum can be pretty packed – so either go early to avoid the crowds or just enjoy it with the crowds. If you ask me personally, what would i do? Lemme say The first morning I arrived in Kolkata, I woke up quite early, put on my clothes and headed out to find some breakfast – it was about 7:30 am – and there wasn’t anything happening but a few people bathing on the street and a lots of people huddled around fires: no breakfast.
I soon realized India doesn’t wake up too early, especially in the winter.
But there is one local market in Kolkata that’s known for its breakfast, often attracting hungry diners that have just finished a night of partying: Terreti Market (Bazar).
Every morning along Sun Yat-sen Street, both Chinese and Indian vendors set up stalls and serve up a mouthwatering array of momo dumplings, Chinese baozi, and soup noodles. You’ll also find fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat. Having breakfast at Terreti Market is one of the top things to do in Kolkata! Dude, how much can you read? Damn, i don't do this much before my Engineering Exams, give me a break even if I end up writing this then also the Vintage charm, Periodic Tales, Spice routes, Holy abode, Roll it on, the Chornicles, the All play, The Parties and the Showpiece will persist! My dear friend go out there and hit the Maach, Misty and More!! And most importantly love the Learning Tree!
Keep Calm and Love the City of Joy!
God Bless!


  1. hey...u r ri8,'City Of Joy' indeed. My birthplace,though not my hometown;nd presently not loving the city so much because its keeping me away from home nd family :( So,i just wanted to add in the 'quintessential Kolkata stuffs'...the madly crowd of Gariahat n the last sunday before Durga Pujo,the lovers meet at Victoria Memorial ground,the Howrah Bridge looking like a gold studded necklace,a view from d boat in the Ganga river,people hanging somehow in the crowded buses...(endless city life) Nd bdw,i differ with you in this it winter or whichever season,Kolkata is awake by 5 in the morning or before...its like the city never sleeps!

    1. awwww so many people share so much of love about the city! :)