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Friday, 28 February 2014

A Hump of a Love Story!

Far far away, in the Gulf desert, there lived a handsome, strappy vigorous red blooded dashing............Camel *come on, you were really expecting a dude, in middle of a gulf desert, seriously?*, and there was a lovely incredibly beautiful prepossessing princess *okay, so there is a handsome camel so there has to be a female camel? again seriously?*, never mind anyway, the handsome camel, fell in love with a gorgeous female camel with time, *the princess has got nothing to do with this story, she was actually mugged by Desert goons and was killed, happy?*. The female camel, belonged to *who cares?*, anyway over the time the handsome camel and the female camel drowned in the sands of love*even i don't know what it means*, but anyway, they sang duets together, sat beside the oasis, went out dinner *and ordered African grass for the main course, and ordered banana leaves for starters*, had hours of conversation over the desert owl! Finally after a year, the camel proposed her with a hoof ring, which actually belonged to the camel's mother which she gave it to him before she died and said "bleat bleat bellow bellow bleat bleat bellow",*which actually means i don't care who are you getting married to I am prettier than her, but anyway propose her with this ring, which my uncle's son's mother-in-law gave me*. Over a bucket of Oasis water, he proposed her and today they are a proud parent of a wonderful baby camel with two humps, and named him Humpty!   

Wednesday, 19 February 2014



Everytime when I wasn't happy, I consoled for a better time ahead, I wasn't happy because maybe I was different! To someone, I was always disappointment cause at the end of March, the report cards raced home, to someone I was always a sorrowful because he wished me from someone else, to whom I was something or the other, he was taken by the worldly ways, and to the best one, whom I couldn't ever understand, so there isn't a question to put a smile, cause I know I can't! I never won Hearts, cause I can't, no matter how much I give up, at the end of the day all I can do it put an end to her smiles!
Few memories fade with time, few don't and the ones that don't sometimes hurts you to the bones!
Does anybody know, there is always end of the beginning! Times that were taken, changes everyone before. Sometimes, everything you wanted, to everything you don't, has to be a part of our lives! Always one door opens up and one shuts, depending on you, which you choose to knock! Like, everytime there are questions you don't have answers to, or some better left unanswered! Sometimes we have heavenly messengers and we never even know! Sometimes even the nestled person is the one who pushes you from the nest, when you aren't even close to fly! Sometimes we laugh at lame things, but secretly desire for it, and we know that lame thing once lost can't be found! But that thing, which beats inside, wishes, searches, loves and promises to look for and after someone!