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Friday, 28 February 2014

A Hump of a Love Story!

Far far away, in the Gulf desert, there lived a handsome, strappy vigorous red blooded dashing............Camel *come on, you were really expecting a dude, in middle of a gulf desert, seriously?*, and there was a lovely incredibly beautiful prepossessing princess *okay, so there is a handsome camel so there has to be a female camel? again seriously?*, never mind anyway, the handsome camel, fell in love with a gorgeous female camel with time, *the princess has got nothing to do with this story, she was actually mugged by Desert goons and was killed, happy?*. The female camel, belonged to *who cares?*, anyway over the time the handsome camel and the female camel drowned in the sands of love*even i don't know what it means*, but anyway, they sang duets together, sat beside the oasis, went out dinner *and ordered African grass for the main course, and ordered banana leaves for starters*, had hours of conversation over the desert owl! Finally after a year, the camel proposed her with a hoof ring, which actually belonged to the camel's mother which she gave it to him before she died and said "bleat bleat bellow bellow bleat bleat bellow",*which actually means i don't care who are you getting married to I am prettier than her, but anyway propose her with this ring, which my uncle's son's mother-in-law gave me*. Over a bucket of Oasis water, he proposed her and today they are a proud parent of a wonderful baby camel with two humps, and named him Humpty!