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Wednesday, 19 February 2014



Everytime when I wasn't happy, I consoled for a better time ahead, I wasn't happy because maybe I was different! To someone, I was always disappointment cause at the end of March, the report cards raced home, to someone I was always a sorrowful because he wished me from someone else, to whom I was something or the other, he was taken by the worldly ways, and to the best one, whom I couldn't ever understand, so there isn't a question to put a smile, cause I know I can't! I never won Hearts, cause I can't, no matter how much I give up, at the end of the day all I can do it put an end to her smiles!
Few memories fade with time, few don't and the ones that don't sometimes hurts you to the bones!
Does anybody know, there is always end of the beginning! Times that were taken, changes everyone before. Sometimes, everything you wanted, to everything you don't, has to be a part of our lives! Always one door opens up and one shuts, depending on you, which you choose to knock! Like, everytime there are questions you don't have answers to, or some better left unanswered! Sometimes we have heavenly messengers and we never even know! Sometimes even the nestled person is the one who pushes you from the nest, when you aren't even close to fly! Sometimes we laugh at lame things, but secretly desire for it, and we know that lame thing once lost can't be found! But that thing, which beats inside, wishes, searches, loves and promises to look for and after someone!

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  1. Iam mesmerized... being different is what makes one beautiful i feel and if the keys for all the doors were available and all questions answered.. may be the secret of life would have been revealed! If you wish for something earnestly.. no matter how lame it is.. twl be yours if you consider yourself to be deserving enough. Mr.Blogger i would be glad if throw some light to the brighter side and not only to the darker aspects of life.