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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


He, couldn't have been more imaginative, than hiding under the old wooden table, where he and his family had all the cookouts! The entire house was a complete eyesore, all his toys, all the places he played hide and seek, the crayon sketches, actually the entire world that he adored was being wolfed. All the furniture burning, his mom's silvers, the cloth storage, the cuckoo clock, that has been in his family for generations and he spent his happiest moments counting the cuckoo coming out according to the hours, the walls getting the dark strain by the fire! The six-year old, saw everything, everything that shouldn't have been seen, by any six-year old! At the corner of the room, his only family was being interrogated by the strong, tall, vicious heavy booted German soldiers. All that was visible to him was the fire, his mother and his elder sister at gun point, and all he could feel was the heat of the fire that was melting his home, his life, his joy and everything good, that ever occurred to him. He could just see, from under the table was his fore bearer crying and all he could understand was her shaky voice was asking Lord to let her children live to see another day. The German cavalry, was not pleased, with her praying to Lord, they mocked her and to show her prayer's weren't of any relevance, one of them thrusted the war knife, through her sister's heart. One more addition to the vision now was the sanguine fluid. Whenever, he had a cut on his little finger or knee he knew that was one excruciating pain, he was smart enough to know blood wouldn't flow without a bitter sting! He neither witnessed such a amount of blood nor such a shrill cry of pain or shock! His elder sister, who loved him so much, who aided him every time he had the cut or sore, who kissed him every morning when the came downstairs, who made him cry by saying,"Mother loves me more than you!",was no longer part of this world and she will never contribute to any of his smiles any longer. Already squeezed by fear, and now the loss of his angel, the brave-heart squeezed his mouth but not his tears, the fair complexion of his turned pink, his baby cheeks saturated with his tears! His mother's prayers were failure. The heartless man, just following orders, derived pleasure, by tormenting the mother of two, he squeezed her head against the wall, while she screamed with agony, slowly the life left out that body! The little-one, now had lost everything he had, the two heavenly creatures he had, his settlement blazing, the every little thing he loved getting eaten by the fire slowly. As the mercenaries looting the entire place,one young man wearing the army colours, took a look under the table. The teenage boy, who is servicing to the country, was the only one with a goodwill and a tender heart, maybe because he was too young at the time to be merciless or life yet, hasn't been vituperative to him. The young man saw, a little petrified soul, with soulful blue eyes, red because of crying, his fair complexion turned pale and patchy, and he saw that the poor one was under his own's stream! In his rough German toned voice he mumbled," I will come for you, when my brothers leave this place, don't make a noise, if they know you are here, that's your final exit". The fire roared higher, in the house, and the little-one all he wanted was to be living another accustomed and fixed day with his family! The fire that thawed the abode made the order following men, leave. The little brave lion crawled out of his den, and all on his four went to the lifeless body of his mother, he dared not near his sister, because this lion was always afraid of blood. He hugged his mother and all he wanted, his mother's hand wrapped around him and her lips on his forehead as every morning! He hugged her, tighter than he ever did, and took her lifeless hand and put around him! He was sobbing on her, while the burnt roof of the house where he will die started declining, he was tired of crying and losing everything he had and loved. He just wanted to die on his mother's body with her hand around him, while the building collapsing. The burning wooden frame from the roof fell around a foot away from him. He accepted death in the fashion that was arriving to him, and he thanked Lord for the lovely life he had. He closed his eyes waiting for the next burning structure to fall on him and his mother! Suddenly, out of the blue, a strong grip on his little hand, pulled him out of his mother's warmth. He wanted to live, but not without his mother and sister! He was too tired to even keep his eyes and see who pulled him out of his mother's warmth, and all he could hear was," I will take you to safety!" and all he could feel was his mother's prayers weren't deficit!

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