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Saturday, 20 December 2014


He sat down on a bench at 22nd Jefferson Street, on that cold night. It was Christmas Eve, but the entire Universe seems heinous when you have a shattered heart. He could see everything, the Christmas trees, the dinky smiles and laughter all around, but was just unable to sense it in him. Only thing he could palpate was the immense convulsions in his heart.

"You must be tired, lemme give you this", suddenly the five year old lipped and jumped out of nowhere!
He fabricated a smile, and delivered,"And you would be?"
"Ryan!" with a thrust of energy and puissance!
"Hello, Ryan!"
"Hello, Mister...."
"Hello, Mister Caron!"
"What is this?"
"Thank you Ryan, I can use some milk now!"
"Sure you can, Mister Caron, I don't like it."
"So Ryan, it's dark, what are you doing here?"
"Nothing, am playing hide and seek with Susan, I am the seeker, and I promised mom I would finish the milk and then play, but I lied"
"So I look tired?"
"Yes, you do"
"Ryan, you know what?"
"You are so charming..."
"I think Susan is ready, I got to go Mister Carol"

Ryan took off like a jet, without realizing he said wrong name! Meanwhile, Mr. Caron couldn't layoff his merriment or his laughter and loved how he was outwitted and hocus-pocused by this little cherub. For that moment, he outlived his burns and agonies, and glee-ed for a conversation which would be suppressed maybe forever after sometime. But he didn't elicit the pain when he was having the conversation with Ryan. He was into it for true and realizing how bitty entertains can sway your mind.

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